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 Spring 2018 – Winter 2019

Feel Good Theater

With Lori Moitié and RJ Johnson

An ensemble cast for Elementary School through High Drama PosterSchool.     Plays are written for appropriate age groups.

Performing is fun especially when you build on a kid’s natural tendency to play pretend.

Interdisciplinary coaching that is rich in the performing arts is what your child will experience with Lori & RJ.

This pioneer modern-day enrichment program is created by multi award winning Lori Moitié & RJ Johnson of “Cotton Candy Express Music.”  We are TV veterans of KTVU Fox Kids Club and WB 20 Kids as the on-air cartoon hosts for 15 years. We continue to perform throughout the bay and have been in business for 29 years.”

The program will focus on simple plots, easy music to sing, and creative choreography. The students will be taught theater techniques, rhythm, breathing…way more than just rehearsing.

This is not something off the shelf that you can buy in a bookshop.  We write the material for the individual locations.  It’s a custom theater event.

We help kids gain confidence and stretch themselves as they interact with an ensemble.  Children build essential life skills while learning the tools to perform on stage, to sing, do movement and act, and most importantly have fun!

Suitable for ALL abilities, we offer the chance for kids to learn some new skills to share with family and friends.

The end of the process culminates in an invited performance of our custom creations.

Join us as we create a new and original piece of theater.










Art Meets Life Changing Experience

“Hey Kids, Let’s Put On A Play”

  Get a glimpse of it all.  Where musical technology meets the creative mind.  Our methods include:  imaginative theater games, comedy and timing, introduction to an array of instruments, work with Jig Dolls and puppets, movement, singing and doing Foley Sound Effects…all while having big fun in a creative and supportive environment.

Suitable for ALL Abilities

We Offer You a Chance to Learn New Skills


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