♫ Lori & RJ…Kid’s Music with…

Happy Music for Happy People

Because we love and enjoy what we do, we have an “attitude of gratitude” (btw a track on the Funz’a’Poppin’ CD) that we share through real time fun ways with our audiences everywhere.  You may remember us as the Kid’s Club TV Hosts from KTVU Fox2 and WB20 Kid’s.  Check out what we’re up to now.

Our Philosophy

We bring joy into peoples lives.  Music is nature’s medicine for uplifting and healing the spirit. We are genuinely present during our performances enjoying and engaging our audiences for the ultimate experience of making a real time connection.  It’s a two way street.  It has been, and still is, an honor and privilege to have served and to continue to touch the lives of those we come in contact with through our music and fun.