We’re an event looking for a place to happen!

The Show Choices and then some…

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From special event venues big and small, to festivals, fairs, malls, libraries, schools and more guarantee their main stages to Lori & RJ for their most prominent events due to their professionalism, multi-layered appeal, and contagious enthusiasm.  They have abounding energy.

Fast paced original variety show

Kids Music with a Groove….Tot Rock!

Jammin’ Music for everyone

Interactive Fun

Movement and activities for all ages

Jig Dolls – Puppets – Magic


“Green’s The Game” Eco Show for Earth Day Celebrations

Hospital Troubadour healing work through music


What we can do for your event.
You can choose one or mix it all up!

Provide professional PA for Family Stage and other acts like magicians, jugglers, kid performers, clowns, community acts, etc.
(We also book profession quality family entertainment if you need)
Stage Manage


Host the Stage
Perform  lively, interactive musical Concerts (or whatever in needed for the day)
Provide ambient music throughout the day.



Provide games: Hula Hoop contest; arm wrestling;
walk of prizes ( similar to a cake walk)
We have a wonderful “Prize Treasure Chest” that we use, too.
Kid’s love trying to unlock it to win prizes.


In addition we have a plush costumed character called: The Friendly Fuzzy… this character is crimson in color and looks like Elmo.
Teens are great for this fun way to attract kids and take great pictures.