Summer Session begins

Friday June 4, 2022 at 4 pm.


Lori & RJ’s Feel Good Theater

High Tech Meets the Golden Age of Radio Drama

Questions?  We love to answer questions.  510-502-0560

Coached by former Emmy Award Winning TV Hosts from KTVU Fox2 Kids and WB20 Kids Club

Veteran Entertainers and Performers

Lori Moitié and RJ Johnson…Creators-Writers-Directors-Producers


Fall/Winter 2021-2022

MURDER at Vintage Alley….the Radio Show

Fall Session begins  Fri. Sept. 10, 2021– Fri. Dec. 17 2021 and Winter Session begins Jan. 7, 2022

Summer Session 2021- The Last Guest at the Darjeeling Hotel



Part 1:

Part 2:








The Case of the Medium, Well Done!

April 15, 2021

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

The Lori & RJ Version

January 2021



 2020 August Production

The Invisible Man



 Climatic Fanatics 25 – An Original Environmental Radio Drama

June 2020

“The Lost Treasure of Stardora” (A Lori & RJ Original Musical)


Photos from the performance.

Showtime Friday January 24, 2020



An ensemble cast for Elementary School through High Drama PosterSchool.

Adult Theater Virtual Theater, too. 

High Tech Meets the Golden Age of Radio Drama

Plays are written for appropriate age ensembles.

Our goal is to stretch our students minds young and old with new experiences, insight and an appreciation of the Theater Arts.

Coaching that is rich in performance is what your will experience.

We are multi award winning Lori Moitié & RJ Johnson.  “We are TV veterans of KTVU Fox Kids Club and WB 20 Kids as the on-air cartoon hosts for 15 years. We continue to perform our music throughout the bay and have been in business for over 35 years.

The Focus: Writing simple and fun plots, easy music to sing, and creative choreography that everyone can do.  The students will be taught theater techniques, rhythm, breathing, movement, music…way more than just rehearsing.  Bet they didn’t know they could do that!

Never Cookie Cutter:  This is not something off the shelf that you can purchase online.  In fact, we write the material for the individual players.  It’s a custom theater event with guaranteed success every time.

We help you gain confidence and stretch yourself as you interact in a new way.  Build more life skills while learning the tools to perform on stage and now virtually with our radio drama classes.  Most importantly is havin fun!

Suitable for ALL abilities, it’s a chance to learn some new skills and techniques.  We never turn anyone away….ever!

The end of the process culminates in a wonderful, exciting, original, extravaganza.

Join us as we create a new and original piece of theater.

Production of Shakespeare Unshackled.

Original musical play written in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrating 50 Years.

Production of MacBeth…the Tragic Dramatic Musical Comedy.

Just a few of our original musical productions.

Musical play about Egypt. Here are the artisans in one of the scenes.


                                                                                Art Meets Life Changing Experience

Other Original Musicals…

Climatic Fanatics     Rudy The Yellow Polka Dotted Rabbit      Pedee the Porcupine      Dream Sister/Dream Brother      The House Next Door

“Hey Kids Let’s Put On A Play”

  Get a glimpse of it all.  Where musical technology meets the creative mind.  Our methods include:  imaginative theater games, comedy and timing, introduction to an array of instruments, work with Jig Dolls and puppets, movement, singing and doing Foley Sound Effects…all while having big fun in a creative and supportive environment.

    Suitable for ALL Abilities.  We give you an experience to learn and cultivate new communication skills in a very caring environment.

Puppetgirl drumsguitar girl

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