IMG_1138         2005_1103Image0048         Laugh Quest Song   From Holiday Concerts to Halloween Shows – From Family Fun Nights to Spring and Summer Picnics – From Fund Raisers to the end of the year celebrations –  There is something for everybody! A fun party atmosphere is in store for the kids and adults when Lori & RJ hit the stage for your special promotion.


clapyourhandssongPreshools, schools, malls and centers, special events, festivals, fairs, amusement parks, libraries, and more guarantee their main stages to Lori & RJ for their most prominent events due to their professionalism, great music, multi layer appeal, and contagious enthusiasm.

They entertain from a small group to a large double assembly, from an outdoor concert to a fabulously staged auditorium extravaganza. Lori & RJ are veteran performers. From a classroom or a small size event, to a large scale “full tilt boogie”  performance on the main stage, their show creates a rainbow of laughter and learning for all. That’s edu-tainment.
Lori at Blackhawk

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